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Inventory by USB


Run the Usody pendrive

  1. Insert the Usody USB pendrive into the PC to be inventoried.

  2. Initialise the PC with the USB boot enabled, see configuring for USB booting.

  3. Wait for the execution to finish, duration is 2-3 minutes.

    ------------[ STEP 1: Starting HW METADATA] ---------
    [VERSION] 2022.12.2-beta
    [SETTINGS] No Settings Version (NaN)
    [SID] 19575
    _____________(STEP 1: Generating Snapshot)____________
    [INFO] LSHW successfully completed.
    [INFO] DMIDECODE successfully completed.
    [INFO] LSPCI successfully completed.
    [INFO] HWINFO successfully completed.
    [INFO] SMART on sda successfully completed.
    [INFO] SMART on sdb successfully completed.
    [INFO] Snapshot generated properly.
    _____________(STEP 2: Saving Snapshot)____________
    [INFO] Snapshot successfully saved on /mnt/snapshots/
    [SNAPSHOT] 2023-01-04_15h58m33s_15396_snapshot.json
    [INFO] Finished properly. You can press the power button to turn off.

    Step 2: If you got the message "Snapshot JSON successfully completed", you will find the "Snapshot" file in the "snapshots" folder of the pendrive, see how to access the snapshot file on the flash drive.

    _____________(STEP 3: Uploading Snapshot)____________
    [INFO] Snapshot JSON successfully uploaded.

    Step 3: If you get the message "Snapshot JSON successfully uploaded" you will find the "Snapshot" in the list of uploaded Snapshots, if there is an error you get the message: [WARNING] No Internet. [Errno 101] Network is unreachable, see how to fix it here

If there is an error in STEP 3, the Snapshot does not upload to your inventory, to upload it manually do the following two steps:

  1. Access the snapshot file on the pendrive
  2. Upload snapshot files