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Export data erasure certificate

In this tutorial we explain how to:

  1. Export a certificate of data wipe in a .PDF file from your devices to a .CSV file.
  2. Export a .CSV file with the main columns of the data wipe result.

Export to PDF

  1. Select one or more devices

    Note: We have selected 24 devices

  2. Click on "Erasure Certificate". A new web page opens with the certificate

  3. Click on "Save As" or "Download" on the certificate web page.

You can see an example of a wipe-down in the following link

Export to CSV

  1. Export device metadata 2.
  2. Between columns BW to CI there is the deletion result of "Data Storage 1", between columns CW to DI the deletion result of "Data Storage 2" and so on up to "Data Storage 8".