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Export device metadata

In this tutorial we explain how to:

  1. Export the metadata of your devices to a .CSV file.
  2. Identify the most relevant columns of the .CSV file.

Export metadata

  1. Select one or more devices

  2. Click on "Devices Spreadsheet

  3. Open the .CSV file

  4. Import to LibreOffice or Microsoft Excel

    1. You must select "Separated by" and the option "semicolon" (dot and as).
    2. Click on "Ok".

      Note 1: Example of import in LibreOffice 7.3 Calc program

      Note 2: If you select the option "comma" (comma), the result is incorrect.

    3. The resulting document has 217 columns with their metadata

Relevant metadata

  • "DHID": Is the device identifier in your inventory.

  • "Public Link": Is a web link that shows the public link of your device. For example:

  • "Lots": A list of the lots in which the device is present, the list is separated by commas.

  • "Tag 1 Type", "Tag 1 ID", "Tag 1 Organisation": Information on up to three identifiers that can be created and linked to the device is displayed.

  • "Physical state": The last "Physical action" applied to a device

  • "Allocate state": the last "Allocate Action" applied to a device

  • "Lifecycle state" means the last "Lifecycle Action" applied to a device

  • "Erasure DataStorage 1, "Erasure DataStorage 1 Serial Number",.... For each "Data Storage" the last data erasure action performed is displayed.

  • "Test DataStorage 1 Power on hours": For each "Data Storage" the hours it has been in operation are shown.